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Greek Amfissa Olives

Greek Amfissa Olives

Origin: Greece


Description: Black olives are grown and produced mainly in Amfissa. Their colour varies from red-violet-black to purple and deep black and their taste is fleshy and slightly fruity. The shape of the olive is quite round and one of the biggest of Greek olive varieties.


The olive trees of Black Amfissa olives variety are very tall, usually 7-10 meters tall, and produce a very special variety of edible olives with black/brown color, round shape and rich flesh. These olives are among the most important edible table olives varieties in Greece. Also referred to as Black Volos, Arta or Agrinio olives, due to the fact that they are produced is several parts of Greece. They should be eaten within eighteen months after production date.


Sizes: olive size is calculated as number of pieces per kilo. Black olives sizes are: Atlas (61-70), Super Super Mamouth (71-90), Super Mamouth (91-100), Mamouth (101-110), Super Colossal (111-120), Colossal (121-140), Giants (141-160), Extra Jumbo (11-180), Jumbo (181-200), Extra Large (201-230).


Types: whole (with core), pitted (without core), sliced.


Packaging: 150Kg barrel, 13Kg tin can, 5Kg/2Kg/1Kg plastic jar, 1Kg/360gr/250gr glass jar, 5Kg, 2,5Kg/1Kg/500gr/250gr/100gr vacuum bag.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet