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Greek Chalkidiki Olives

Greek Chalkidiki Olives

Origin: Greece


Description: Chalkidiki olives, the second most famous Greek olives type, is cultivated in the peninsula of Chalkidiki, a place where climate is very suitable for growing olive trees. It’s color is yellow-green and the weight of the fruit ranges from 6 to 10 gr. The core takes the 10% of the total weight, while the flesh has the 76-88%.


Chalkidiki olives are indicated for the production of high quality table olives and due to their big size and firm skin, they are often stuffed with plenty of flavor combinations available. They should be eaten within eighteen months after production date.


Sizes: olive size is calculated as number of pieces per kilo. Chalkidiki olives sizes are: Atlas (61-70), Super Super Mamouth (71-90), Super Mamouth (91-100), Mamouth (101-110), Super Colossal (111-120), Colossal (121-140), Giants (141-160), Extra Jumbo (11-180), Jumbo (181-200), Extra Large (201-230).


Types: whole (with core), pitted (without core), sliced, stuffed.


Packaging: 150Kg barrel, 13Kg tin can, 5Kg/2Kg/1Kg plastic jar, 1Kg/360gr/250gr glass jar, 5Kg, 2,5Kg/1Kg/500gr/250gr/100gr vacuum bag.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet