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Greek Chios Island Cheese

Greek Chios Island Cheese

Origin: Chios, Greece


Description: Mastelo is traditional cheese made exclusively in Chios, from high-quality raw materials, fresh whole Chian cow and goat's milk of excellent quality and taste.


The word “mastelo” means the wooden bin used to collect the milk.


Soft cheese Mastelo: From rich Chian cow's milk, balanced, with necessary protein, fat, vitamins and salts. It is white with a smooth texture and milk flavor, digestible and tasty. The slightly salty taste, the smell of milk and pure way of manufacturing are the reasons that made it internationally known. Served as a table cheese, eaten grilled, but also an excellent material for creative salads and original recipes. It has 29% fat, 46% moisture and 1.6% salt percentage. Refrigerate shelf life, two months.


Goat Mastelo: White soft cheese with compact mass, aromatic weak, has an elastic texture and milky flavor. Develops very nice flavor when grilled. Produced from pasteurized whole milk, from goats living in Chios Mountains. The natural flora of Chios gives characteristic flavor to the milk passed to the final product. It is delicious in sandwiches, on toast, or as an accompaniment of Greek ouzo. It has 28% fat, 43% moisture and 1.6% salt percentage. Refrigerate shelf life two months.


Packaging: 360gr, 550gr round vacuum (25Kg box)


*Transport cooling.


MOQ 10 boxes (mixed)