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Greek Cracked Olives

Greek Cracked Olives

Origin: Greece


Description: Tsakistes olives are another common type of olive that can be found in Greece. The word “tsakistes” actually means “cracked”. They’re grown primarily in the Attica region of Greece.


Once they’re picked, they’re treated and seasoned with fresh lemon and garlic. This traditional way of processing gives the olives a pleasant fruity and fresh taste, firm flesh and lemon aroma.


Sizes: olive size is calculated as number of pieces per kilo. Cracked olives sizes are: Jumbo (181-200), Extra Large (201-230), Extra Large (201-230), Large (231-260), Superior (261-290), Brilliant (291-320), Fine (321-350).


Packaging: 150Kg barrel, 13Kg tin can, 5Kg/2Kg/1Kg plastic jar.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet