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Greek Feta Cheese

Greek Feta Cheese

Origin: Trikala, Greece


Description: Feta cheese, the worldwide famous Greek traditional cheese, PDO Trikala, from sheep/goat milk, full-flavored, salty, tangy with nutty, strong aroma.


Trikki is one of the best milk factories in Greece. It is a cooperation of milk producers from Trikala region which is well-known for the production of the best traditionally made Feta cheese with PDO specs.


Trikki gathers daily, more than 40 tons of fresh milk from the adjacent West Thessaly region producers, ensuring the quality and freshness of its products.


Packaging: 15Kg tin, 2Kg/1Kg/400gr plastic tray, 1Kg/400gr/200gr vacuum


*Transport cooling.


MOQ 1 Pallet (mixed)