Greek Agora Ltd


Greek Frozen Vegetables

Greek Frozen Vegetables

Origin: Greece


Description: Greek frozen vegetables from "Ardas" company, one of the best companies in the field. The vegetables are grown, harvested and packaged in accordance with the highest international standard, resulting in high quality and exceptional taste final product.


Specification: frozen vegetables in minimal time from harvesting to come fresh to your table. They contain high nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, good quality protein etc.


Types: IQF Green Peas (9-11mm), Wide Green Beans, Round Green Beans, Bead Beans, Okra, Sweet Corn, Mixed Vegetables (Peas, beans, corn, carrot, pepper)


Packaging: 1Kg/2,5Kg bag, 10Kg box bulk


* Transport frozen 


MOQ 1 Pallet