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Greek Kalamata Olives

Greek Kalamata Olives

Origin: Greece


Description: Greek Kalamata Olive is a large almond shaped olive, dak brown-purple in color with a strong, distinct flavor. The olive is firm to medium soft, and rich and fruity in flavor.


Kalamata Olives got their name from the region in Peloponnese, Greece that they were first produced.


They are ready to use for their tasty smell and their delicious flavor. The full flavor of this olive is best when used at room temperature. They should be eaten within eighteen months after production date. These olives offer a true and traditional taste of Greece.


The soil and climatic conditions of Greece, give the Greek Kalamata olives, excellent flavor, aroma and nutritional properties that you will not find at the Kalamata olive variety grown in other countries.


Sizes: olive size is calculated as number of pieces per kilo. Kalamata olives sizes are: Super Colossal (111-120), Colossal (121-140), Giants (141-160), Extra Jumbo (11-180), Jumbo (181-200), Extra Large (201-230), Large (231-260), Superior (261-290), Brilliant (291-320), Fine (321-350), Bullets (351+).


Types: whole (with core), pitted (without core), sliced.


Packaging: 150Kg barrel, 13Kg tin can, 5Kg/2Kg/1Kg plastic jar, 1Kg/360gr/250gr glass jar, 5Kg, 2,5Kg/1Kg/500gr/250gr/100gr vacuum bag.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet