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Greek Natural Sea Salt

Greek Natural Sea Salt

Origin: Kythera island, Greece


Description: Gathered from the rocky coast of the Greek island Kythera. The salt is collected by local craftsmen through natural cavities created in the rocks. Following the traditional process, they let it dry in the sun and then the white flakes are packed with care. To spice up your food, just rub it gently with your hand on salads, soups and cooked food and enjoy the slightly salty taste.


Specification: Natural sea salt is rich in minerals and beneficial ingredients. It is a valuable electrolyte for the body. It balances blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, regulates blood pressure, prevents water retention, stimulates the body, makes us smarter, more happy and active people.


Packaging: 250gr bag in box (30 pcs/carton), 5Kg bulk box


* Transport dry cargo


MOQ 20 Boxes