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Greek Nemea Coop Wines

Greek Nemea Coop Wines

Origin: Greece, Nemea


Description: The unique landscape of Nemea with the warm and dry climate and clayey-sandy soil that does not retain moisture is the ideal combination for Agiorgitiko grape variety to be grown, which is the main variety in the largest vineyard of Greece (2500acre).


Cooperative Winery of Nemea, produces wines since 1937 exclusively from Agiorgitiko grape variety. It has 12,000tones storage capacity and modern EU standards equipment.


Specification: The wines of Nemea and particularly the red Agiorgitiko have deep red ruby color, aromas of forest fruits and when they rest in oak barrels, vanilla flavors emerge with excellent full taste and aftertaste.


All wines of Nemea Coop are certified Zone Designation of Origin of Superior Quality (VQPRD), PDO and PGI.



  • Except from the famous Nemea red and white dry, excellent wine is the semi-sweet red and Agiorgitiko aged in oak barrels, which is first in sales abroad.
  • PDO: Nemea Special Dry Red, Nemea dry red, Nemea Reserve Dry Red, Nemea Grande Reserve Dry Red, Nemea Medium Sweet Red, Oritis, Diktaios.
  • PGI: Agiorgitiko Special, Agiorgitiko Semi-sweet, Hercules Red/White/Rose, Liogerma


Packaging: 187, 0.75ml, 2Lt, 10Lt


* Transport dry 


MOQ 1 Pallet (mix)