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Greek Pickled Peppers

Greek Pickled Peppers

Origin: Greece


Description: Macedonian green pepper is famous for its slight spicy taste and its aroma. Collected directly from the fertile valleys of central and northern Greece. Ideal for salads, cooking, as appetizer, in sandwiches etc.



  • No 0: Small pepper size varies from 3 - 6 cm. This category is also known as “Anthos” (Flower)
  • No 1: Medium pepper size varies from 6 - 9 cm. This is the most common used size
  • No 2: Large pepper size varies from 9 - 12 cm. The large size peppers are suitable for stuffing.


Packaging: 7Kg DW bucket, 7Kg DW tin, 2,5Kg DW PET.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet