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Greek Semi Hard Cheese

Greek Semi Hard Cheese

Origin: Trikala, Greece


Description: Premium quality semi-soft cheese, from sheep’s goat’s and cow’s milk, produced in traditional way by “Divani” family dairy.


It is fermented and salted by hand, using natural sea salt, a procedure that gives the cheese its characteristic chewing touch. It ripens naturally for 6 months in specially designed chambers on pine tree shelves. With no preservatives.


Divani Dairy, is a traditional family dairy with 90 years experience in cheese making. Each day fresh milk is gathered from small local breeders and Semi-hard cheese is produced in small quantities ensuring the high quality and freshness of products..


Divani dairy also produce high quality Feta Cheese and Pure Melted Butter.


Packaging: 380gr / 1Kg / 3Kg / 8Kg


Min order: 1 pallet (mixed with other Divani products)


*Transport cooling 


MOQ 1 Pallet (mixed with other Divani products)