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Greek Souvlaki Bread

Greek Souvlaki Bread

Origin: Greece


Description: Handmade traditional pita bread from "Chassiotis" company. One of the oldest companies in the field, with modern equipment and long-term knowledge in the preparation and standardization of handmade traditional pita bread. "Chasiotis" company is ISO 22000 certified and can produce 25.000 pcs per day.


Types: Classic (wheat), wholegrain, corn



  • 70-75gr/pcs, Diam.: 15-16cm
  • 78-80gr/ pcs, Diam.: 16-17cm
  • 88-90gr/ pcs, Diam.:ς: 17-18cm
  • 100-105gr/ pcs, Diam.: 19cm
  • 160 gr/ pcs, Diam.: 21-22cm
  • 200 gr/ pcs, Diam.: 26cm
  • 10/30/50pcs bag


Tip: prepare traditional Greek Souvlaki with pita bread “Chasiotis” and gyros meat or skewers from “Elvida”.


* transport frozen 


MOQ 1 Pallet