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Greek Throuba Olives

Greek Throuba Olives

Origin: Greece


Description: Thasos Throumba olives are typically left to ripen on the branch. For best results, some olive growers leave them on the branch until they start to shrivel, which ultimately means that they are just a little beyond ripe.


After gathering they are salt and oil treated. They have a wrinkled appearance, and before using they’re often soaked in water or olive oil to draw out some of the salt. They are primarily grown in the island of Thassos.


The bitter-sweet, naturally dried, Thassos olive (or Throumba Olive) is a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) making it universally unique.


Packaging: 150Kg barrel, 13Kg tin can, 5Kg/2Kg/1Kg plastic jar.


* Dry cargo 


MOQ 1 Pallet